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Brief write-up on the visit of the Rajasthan Folk Group led by Ms. Shamla Kalbelia to Poland for Republic Day celebrations

Rajasthan Folk Group

A Rajasthan folk dance and music troupe will visit Poland in January 2023 for the Republic Day celebrations being organized by the Embassy of India, Warsaw on 26 January 2023. The folk group led by Ms. Shamla Kalbelia Sapera will present Kalbelia dance, which is the dance typical of the desert tribes of Rajasthan at different well-known venues in Poland, including Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw from 25-29 January 2023. The folk group will also present Ghoomar dance, Bhawai dance and Chari dance which are folk dances of Rajasthan. The traditional song and dance skills of the Kalbelia dance and other folk dances have been passed on by Rajasthan desert tribe members from generation to generation. The visit and performances of the Rajasthan Folk Group are a part of the ongoing celebrations of the 75 years of Indian Independence (Lat Niepodległości Indii) in Poland.

The Kalbelia dance troupe is a 8-member folk troupe with four female dancers and four male musicians who will play folk music on a variety of Indian musical instruments. Ms Shamla Kalbelia, who is the lead dancer of the group, has been performing on this folk dance since her childhood. Till date, the group has performed in 18 countries in different continents across the globe including Japan, China, South Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Uganda, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates.

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